Urban Lift Botanicals will be our first use case!
You will be able to purchase all of your
CBD needs using cryptocurrency,including ULC(urbanliftcoins) By 2022 part of profits will be redistributed to all Urban Lift Token holders each quarter.

Coming 2022
Fat Vegan
Our restaurant concept will be a fast food vegan restaurant offering burgers and fries. We have already filed for trademark rights.
It will utilize UrbanLiftCoins blockchain technology for ordering through ghostkitchen/cloudkitchen. Fat
Vegan will utilize a mobile ordering app that will be developed by our team. Token holders will be able to vote on each location. Part of the proceeds will be redistributed to Urban Lift token holder quarterly.

Coming 2023
Urban Lift Real Property
Buy and sell real property using decentralized methods. Our development team has conceptualize a web/app that will make it
as easy as a click of abutton to purchase vacant land, homes, commercial buildings, motor vehicles, art and more.

Urban Lift Health
Many mistakes happen within the healthcare system due to a lack of universal systems. This is why our developers feel so passionate about finding a solution. Imagine being able to store your health records, in a private and secure manner, on the blockchain. That will mean no matter where you are in the world,your medical records would be easily accessible. Imagine that monumental achievement!